I have begun to collect jokers about 20 years ago,
because you do not use jokers playing bridge, which is my greatest hobby.
My collection contains now about 20 000 pieces and
1000 labels (matches, cigars, beer) and phone cards with jokers' images.

To tell the truth, I am not that ugly, as you can see at the picture.
This was probably a revenge of my friend Janusz for loosing in chess once.
You can see some of his works, which I find very interesting, in art gallery.

I also invite you to visit a site with Polish jokers (and produced in Poland for export).
I would like to thank Mrs Malgorzata Praszalowicz, Mr Ryszard Jarmula,
Mr Andrzej Podgorski and Mr Remigiusz Rudkowski for helping me to collect them.

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